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What Do Computer Repair Technicians Do?

Well, we’re not yet living in the generation that computers are self-aware and can repair themselves. So, we need computer repair technicians to check and repair our computers. If the computer breaks down and we attempt to fix it but we fail, who else do we call? We call the computer repair technicians because they are the experts in these fields.

But the question is, what do they exactly do? Do they only repair the parts of our computer? Are they limited on the physical parts only? We are going to address those questions in this article.

computer technicians

Computer technicians assess and maintain computers for individuals or for the companies. They either work at repair shops, directly for the company or the companies like computer tech Walnut Creek that send them to the location of the costumer. These technicians use technology and tools to maintain levels at operating state. They make repairs to the computers, hard drives, processors and monitors. These tools are used to diagnose issues, test new parts that should be installed and make recommendations for replacements and repairs.

To clearly define their job, I will divide it in two sections, hardware repair and software repair. You would understand much better if you know the distinction of these two fields.

Hardware Repair

A computer repair technician works with 5 categories of hardware; laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, servers and computer clusters. Technicians also work and repair peripherals like output devices (printers, displays, and speakers), input devices (mice, keyboards and scanners) and data storage devices (external and internal hard drives). They also work with network hardware like fiber options, router switches and wireless networks.

Software Repairs

San Ramon Computer repair technicians protect the computer’s settings and data so after the repairing process the user will still keep the data and can still use the device like he normally did before. The technician will address the issue and will take actions like adjusting preferences or settings. However, if the problem is big they will apply techniques like reinstalling, uninstalling or installing software packages.

Some of the complicated job they do with software issues is restoring, it means that the computer’s original operating system and applications is reapplied to a formatted hard drive.

How are they able to do these jobs by the way? They actually leaned how to build a computer from the ground. They learn how the computer is constructed through putting together spare parts of the computer. Sometimes, others intentionally “break” their Windows installation and repair it. These are some of the good exercises they do to become a full tech. Aside from the education of course, they do other things to learn.

A lot of people might say that you can do some repairs on your own, but some problems on your computers are extensive that a guide posted on the internet won’t be able to help. Computer repair technicians are in the business for a reason. They just don’t assess, they repair and maintain so you don’t have to buy another laptop or gadgets.

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